Radiohead Rocking The Online Marketing Campaign (And You Could Too!)

Following up on the DJ set that Thom Yorke did on Thursday evening, hosted a second straight night of live performances, videos and cover songs in what is appearing to be some sort of Webcast series. Excellent stuff – a homemade video for the new 15 Steps song using images from the Brad Pitt film Se7en (with Thom’s head playing the role of Gweneth Paltrow), a great Smiths cover, and a red hot live version of Bodysnatchers, the second song from the “In Rainbows” record.

Radiohead is, of course, in a unique position as one of the biggest bands in the world, and they are going to be getting a ton of publicity no matter what they do. But what’s interesting to me is how fun this all is, and the fact that any band can pull off essentially the same thing. The Se7en clip looks like it took someone about 25 minutes to make using iMovie!

Check out Thom’s DJ set from Nov 8th here:

Bodysnatchers clip from last night’s Webcast is here:

Se7en/15 Steps video:

Smiths Headmaster Ritual live cover:

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