I recommend you watch this outstanding presentation from Techdirt’s Michael Masnick on Trent Reznor’s online marketing techniques.

Key points: engage your fans directly, provide variable products and pricing (including a hi-end deluxe package), use free music as a way to collect fan email addresses, and create an ongoing connection with your fans both online and offline.

Also check out the great ways (via YouTube, Flickr, and fan remixes) that Trent is working to get his fans to interact directly with him via his Web site, and his innovative usage of BitTorrent technology.

Some good examples of bands that have NOT had major label support in the past using these same techniques as well.

Note: Trent and several of the other artists that are mentioned in this presentation are using Topspin’s software. Our online course, Marketing your Music with Topspin, is coming out this September.

Leadership Music Digital Summit 2009 – Entire Mike Masnick keynote presentation, 3/25/09 from Leadership Music Digital Summit on Vimeo.

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    Dear Mike,

    After getting the chance to watch Michael Masnick’s presentation, I became very excited about the principles proposed in the lecture. It’s about time someone realized that their has, in fact, been a change in the music industry model! People aren’t getting out to the stores to buy CDs anymore, so Masnick’s ideas are the logical solution to an ever-advancing digital world. I’m happy to see that people are finally realizing what’s happening to the music industry. I only hope that more artists (of big fame and little) catch on to these revolutionary ideas.


    Excellent presentation.He really explains well how the new music biz model works.

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