I’m not sure if it is because I had a bumper sticker on my car in the 90s that read “I am funkier than you,” but 5 of my friends have sent me the video below. I would imagine it is unlikely that the fellow who created this mashup received permission from the copyright holders, but the “Mother of all Funk Chords” is a fantastic example of creating something entirely new and extraordinary from divergent original sources. From a marketing standpoint, this piece is great for the remixer, Kutiman, and because Kutiman lists the source material on his site, the original creators of the music could benefit as well.

Lessig on Colbert

Jan 10 2009

Tough to get much out of this entertaining interview. Learn more about Lessig’s thoughts on copyright and the free licenses and other legal tools that his Creative Commons entity provides to mark creative work with the freedom the creator wants it to carry, here.