Here’s a video of my presentation from a couple weeks back at Midem. I like the idea of trying to make cohesion out of chaos, and in this presentation I talk about some best practices for musicians and managers with organizing their music marketing campaigns. I focus on three main areas: social marketing, email / widgets, and fan funding.

I also talk about the Wu Tang Clan.

Clay Shirky is the former vice-president of the New York chapter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and an expert on the social and economic effects of Internet technologies. This TED presentation on the Social Web is a much watch for anyone involved in media or marketing.

β€œThe choice is not if this is the media environment we want to operate in. The question is now β€˜how can we make the best use of this media?’ – even though it means changing the way we have always done it.”

Via Dave Allen @pampelmoose